What We Do

We have a successful track record in running large funded projects including NHSGG&C Axis Health Hubs.

Rise High

Rise High is a community led project with a focus on capacity building and community empowerment service which will build strong, engaged and resilient communities.

Rise High is co-designed and co-produced with residents living in multi-storey house areas.

Rise High aims to encourage engagement of all local residents through capacity building to ensure that residents within multi-storey housing areas feel included in all aspects of the design, development and delivery of activities and services to suit community need.

Rise High aims to encourage community led processes which ensure that local people have equality of chances to be heard, to be at the heart of decision-making processes, and to remove barriers preventing the development of strong, resilient individuals and communities.

Community Engagement

Through building positive relationships, effective communication and interactions we make a positive impact on the communities across North Glasgow.

We engage with the community in a number of ways. As part of our community engagement we deliver engagement activities, attend community events, carry out outreach work and have a drop-in policy across our two bases so the community know they are always welcome in for a chat and a cup of tea.

Partnership Working

Our partnership work is crucial to the success of our organisation. We believe with effective partnership working we will have a bigger impact, create new and better ways of working and achieve better outcomes for the local community.

We have previously worked in partnership with Maryhill Hub, The Women’s Centre in Maryhill, Rosemount Lifelong Learning and Spireview Housing, to name just a few of the amazing partner organisations in our communities.

The local community across North East and North West Glasgow is our biggest partner and asset at North Glasgow HLC. Without the local people and volunteers influencing and supporting our work, we wouldn’t be able to support the development of our communities.

Our Supporters

North Glasgow Healthy Living Community relies on support from the local community as well as from our dedicated and hard-working partners, who allow us to continually develop in our mission.