How We Do It

We work with a range of funders and partners to deliver our service. 

Acting Early

Understanding health inequalities as a whole, addressing the wider determinants of health and reducing health inequalities through capacity building.

Shifting Control

Enabling local people and volunteers to have more access to, and more control over, the resources in their community that impact on health and wellbeing.

Bringing People Together

Connecting and empowering local communities to build knowledge, help each other, develop a shared purpose and then take collective action in their communities to help them to thrive.

Collaborating Widely

Working in partnership with local groups, organisations and public services which pro-actively work towards better health and wellbeing for all.

Sharing Power

Forming partnerships between the community and organisations, sharing different knowledge and experience to guide local change, taking a community led approach to enable local people to act in partnership towards change.

Changing Culture

Working to change culture and practice within all sectors, so that they can provide effective and continuing support to local people.

Growing From Local

Making sure decisions and actions are being led from local experience; addressing local needs; and build on the experiences of the communities.

Building Momentum

Learning as you go and using every opportunity to spread good practice and make it sustainable.

Our Supporters

North Glasgow Healthy Living Community relies on support from the local community as well as from our dedicated and hard-working partners, who allow us to continually develop in our mission.