Our Vision

Find out more about our vision to build relationships with local residents, support community members and improve local skills.

Who we are

North Glasgow Healthy Living Community (HLC) is a locally-based voluntary organisation and registered charity since 2004 working across North East and North West Glasgow.

We support the creation of community-led healthy living opportunities and work with individuals to build capacity leading to improved community health and wellbeing. Local people are central to the success of our approach.

What we do

Our communities are places where local residents have not benefitted from the improvements achieved elsewhere.


We strive to work with those communities to accelerate better outcomes for individuals and groups. We support local residents to engage and to ensure that they are at the heart of decision-making. Local people are central to the success of our approach.


We have a successful track record in both running large funded projects including NHSGG&C Axis Health Hubs since 2013 alongside Wyndford Axis; funded by Glasgow City Council’s Integrated Grants Fund. 


To build relationships with local residents across communities to ensure positive impacts for local people; particularly through targeting disengaged residents and groups and ensuring that they are key drivers and equal partners in community processes.

To support residents to identify, articulate and fulfil the aspirations that they have for both themselves and their community.

To play a key role in building confidence, maximising community capacity to improve local skills, supporting resilience and strengthening the community voice.

To support community members to influence the delivery of local services.

Aims and Objectives

To preserve and protect the physical and mental health of the residents living and to assist in the relief of ill health and the provision of health education for such residents.

To promote training in skills of all kinds, particularly such skills as will assist residents in obtaining paid employment or will promote personal development.

To promote, establish, operate and or support other schemes and initiatives of a charitable nature for the benefit of communities.

Promoting and supporting networks of local services and projects which proactively work towards better health and wellbeing outcomes for all.

Helping local people and volunteers to build capacity, increase confidence and self esteem and their own sense of wellbeing.

Supporting engagement in and the uptake of local health and social care services and facilities by individuals and groups.

Working in partnership to develop local service provision in response to local needs.

Encouraging and supporting community activity which may lead to participation in social, economic and cultural activity and better neighbourhoods.

Our Supporters

North Glasgow Healthy Living Community relies on support from the local community as well as from our dedicated and hard-working partners, who allow us to continually develop in our mission.