About Us

North Glasgow Healthy Living Community (North Glasgow HLC) is a local charity dedicated to improving health & wellbeing through partnership working in North West & North East Glasgow.

Established in 2004, North Glasgow HLC has considerable experience working with local residents and voluntary, public and private sector partners to develop and deliver a range of community led health improvement activities such as:

•   Healthy eating cooking classes

•   Large scale community events including the North Glasgow 5K Family Fun Run (NG5K) and Fun in the Park

•   The Volunteering Tasters Programme and The North Glasgow Volunteering Framework Best Practice Guide

•  The Northern Sole Mates Walking Network

•  On a Budget Family Holiday Programme

•   Accredited training courses including Health Issues in the Community

The North Glasgow 5K Fun Run ‘NG5K’ in 2008

Community Capacity Building

Our main current programme, Axis (contracted by NHSGGC and funded by North East and North West Glasgow Community Health Partnerships and Glasgow City Council) aims to help create healthier communities in 6 designated neighbourhoods.

This is achieved by engaging local residents in a range of health & wellbeing activities to build individual and local area capacity, supporting empowerment and community-led action, and through co-ordination of volunteering opportunities and peer led training.

During 2018, North Glasgow HLC re-launched our successful Volunteering Tasters Programme through our Axis contract in Possilpark, Ruchill, Lambhill Milton & Cadder, giving local residents new opportunities to develop skills and gain experiences to support their onward journey into engagement, volunteering, education, and/or employment. The programme involves working in partnership with a wide range of local volunteer involving organisations and referral partners. Another strand is working with local organisations to promote and support volunteering best practice.

In addition to our work supporting individual local residents, we work intensively with community groups and other voluntary sector organisations, helping them to build their own capacity and resilience to pursue their collective community goals.

The Volunteering Tasters Programme in 2018


North Glasgow Healthy Living Community follows a community development approach as part of our ethos. Several years ago we worked with SCDC to support the development of a Scottish Govt Animating Assets programme in Milton and Barmulloch/Balornock.  Five areas in total were selected across Scotland.  The legacy has grown since through local networks such as the BBI (Balornock Barmulloch Initiative) and Connecting Milton and within organisations and communities.

Our Aims & Objectives

(b)       To increase confidence, self-esteem, and a sense of wellbeing amongst our target groups.

(a)       To promote and support an active network of local services and projects  which pro-actively promote health and wellbeing.

(c)        To increase the use of health and social care services and facilities by local  groups.

(d)       To develop local service provision in response to local need.

(e)       To encourage and support participation in community activity which may lead to participation in social, economic and cultural activity.