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Axis Health Hubs

Axis is an exciting partnership between North Glasgow Healthy Living Community and Annexe Communities that aims to help create healthier communities.

Contracted by NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde and funded by Health & Social Care Partnership (North East and North West Sectors) and Glasgow City Council, Axis has been successfully developing community led health activities in six different neighbourhoods across North East (Easterhouse; Royston; Barmulloch & Balornock) and North West (Possilpark & Ruchill; Lambhill, Milton & Cadder; Drumchapel) Glasgow since 2013.

Activities include:

  • Community food initiatives such as healthy cooking workshops & courses
  • Community capacity building initiatives such as the ‘Volunteering Tasters Programme’
  • Supporting local volunteers & groups to access training and build their capacity

For more information visit www.axishealthhubs.org.uk/  or visit our Facebook page

Axis @ The Wyndford Hub

Funded by Glasgow City Council’s Integrated Grants Fund, North Glasgow HLC has worked very closely with the Wyndford Hub centre users and groups over the past four years to help develop, support and grow a vibrant, diverse and engaging range of user led programmes, initiatives and events for the benefit of the local community including Family Meal & Cinema nights, our monthly Tea Dance event, Eco Groups, 6 week Healthy Eating Cookery Classes, Volunteer Training Courses such as REHIS Food Hygiene and much, much more!

For more information about our current activity programme at the Wyndford Hub contact Catherine@healthynorthglasgow.co.uk or call 0141 336 7000.

Healthy Eating Cooking Class


North Glasgow HLC is working with Glasgow Housing Association and the North East Glasgow Health & Social Care Partnership to empower the local community to play a key role in improving the health and well-being individuals living in Royston. Part of this new exciting project involves working with the residents of 160 Charles Street to develop new activities in the basement of their high rise flat. More info to follow soon!

Thriving Places


North Glasgow HLC is the current anchor organisation for Thriving Places in Lambhill, Milton & Cadder. Find out more about Thriving Places here or call us on 0141 336 7000 or email communityconnector@healthynorthglasgow.co.uk

Healthy Eating Cookery Classes

North Glasgow HLC deliver a range of cookery classes tailored to suit the needs of any group. Our experienced staff can share how to cook healthy meals on a budget in a relaxed and informal environment and we supply all the equipment and ingredients. Contact us for more information.